In the current climate, we find ourselves looking for opportunities further afield - but this often leads to random trains of thought.  We do think that eventually these all magically link back into bigger things we're interested in pursuing - ideas and artforms and ways of working.  But the problem with responding to adverts is you think of an idea in response to a prompt, then you write up your idea, then you talk about your idea - and by this point you think THIS IDEA IS AMAZING - I CAN'T WAIT TO MAKE IT! .... And then more often than not you're not selected. (recessions seem to ramp up the competition exponentially..)

So - this may be another one of those ideas, and because of that we don't want to say too much - other than we picked a rogue prompt: "Long-Eared Furry Things".  Our idea was based around collecting 'sightings' of this mythical creature and then make them in 3D using a range of techniques.

To test the idea, we posed the question on Twitter, with about 2 hours worth of turnaround time for responses:

if you're bored this morning, could you draw a quick picture of a "long-eared furry thing" for me? i need any drawings before 11! rt please!

And here's the responses we collected!  What would your Long-Eared Furry Thing look like?



1) Ben Waddington - @falsedog

2) Jon Clarke - @goatboyuk

3) Kirsty Hillyer (my partner in crime!) - @kfrilly

4) Ben Waddington (again!) - @falsedog

5) Lee Allen - @leeallenphotos

6) Keith Bloomfield - @hardluck_hotel

7) Paul Gallear - @paulgallear

8) "Quirky Joe" - @QuirkyJoe_