So next week is our last week at the school we've been working in to make a creative indoor learning environment.  We'd had many different ideas about how this could have transpired, and now that we know what the end is going to look like it's interesting to reflect back on the decisions we all made and how we ended up with this particular set of changes/outputs/THINGS.

The class itself have been particularly challenging, and so required a lot of planning in terms of what our ideal goals for them would be, and then plans B, C, D, E and F in case the former plans went awry.  They often went awry (either the kids struggled to achieve certain tasks/goals, or they surprised us all and flew through them!) but overall we managed to combine elements of design, consultation, research and planning with them so that even though we didn't give any of them power toold to use - the room is still completely based around their ideas and research undertaken.

Next week is the 'big reveal' - more pictures will come then!