Next week we reach the culmination of our Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire project with the outdoor installation of the young people's work.  It's been a really interesting project for us - combining new techniques we've not worked with before (sculpting with cling film and car tyres), and new activities (including a weekend retreat to Wales!) which was all new territory for us!

Whilst all the work has been made by the young people involved, we've been doing the finishing touches and will be installing the work next week in time for the exhibition launch.  Speaking of which, it's next Thursday evening.  We'll be taking a tonne of photos - so expect some creepy swamps and various zombie body parts along with beautiful origami installations in pruned gardens!

As I write this, Kirsty is busily coating origami creations in wax to make them a little bit more substantial (and SO PLEASING TO TOUCH!) having already PVAed the few masks that remained plain.  Later on today we're going to add some finishing touches to signs the group made whilst we were in Wales.  We're also going to construct some kaleidoscopes/looking-glasses today from recycled plastic cones and glasses lenses and old tin cans.  We're not ENTIRELY sure what the end result will be, so I should probably get on with figuring that out right now!