Just a teeny tiny heads up - our site is currently on tenterhooks awaiting a few changes and overhauls to be made (it's starting to look a bit dusty after all.. :) and along with that, a few changes to the structure of Frilly itself... which will be revealed in time!  As we're still just a two-girl front, these things take time and have to be juggled amongst other jobs, but we're getting there.

Exciting news to be told includes:


  • public art developments
  • our first arts & health resource nearing completion
  • organisational developments
  • ambitions ambitions ambitions
  • a forked prong approach to the future!


..and so that this isn't just text, I'll finish this brief update with a random photo of a donkey called Pascoe who we were lucky enough to meet in Sutton Park at the Elizabeth Svendsen Trust - he was born in *1979* and is amazing!  I love organisations that do amazing things, like these guys do. :)