As Adrienne said 'our site was looking old' and I never blogged. The last time you really heard from us we were busy installing our piece for Junction Festival. So what have we been up to in the last 12 months?

CTW2012 - Contact Theatre, Manchester

After that first foray for Frilly in using wheat pastes we went into evaluation report writing overload for CTW2012. That was an intensive period of downloading, analysing and interpretation that kept us busy. To find out more about this amazing youth theatre festival from the words and experiences of the participants then check out the summary of our  report.

Le Truc - Eye Candy Festival

Le Truc, in conjunction with Fused Magazine's Eye Candy Festival, commissioned us to collaborate with Birmingham based street artist Gent48 to create site specific artwork. This French restaurant in the heart of Southside was looking for a visual response to their Gainsbourg and Bourdin back story and the feel of the interior design of their space. A tattooed, scantily clad lady, collaged Serge and Bridget with neon writing and papier-mache dogs heads resulted. If you are looking for an exciting place to dine with great food and scrumptious cocktails then be sure to visit.

Secret City - Unique in Birmingham

With our site specific creative minds in action we designed a response to Retail Birmingham's window dressing competition. As participatory artists we didn't want to dictate what made Birmingham unique and so we sought the help of Le Truc's patrons to find out truths and lies about the city. Inspired by the responses we collected we created a new, secret, version of the city to act as our backdrop in a Mailbox retail space. A series of hanging illustrations were made to get caught up amidst the cats cradle of creation and industry that reflects the diversity of industry in Birmingham, as well as the fun that is Spaghetti Junction. Our installation was chose as the winner by a panel of media, retail and art professionals, which meant we had a chance to spoil ourselves with shopping vouchers. YAY!

To find out more about all of the other awesome entries click here, or watch the film below!

Dear Dudley - Sexual Health Website

We were commissioned by Dudley Public Health to work with a group of peer sex mentors to develop the structure and design for a sexual health website for young people in Dudley.  With the peer mentors we reflected upon the questions young people have about sex, the challenges they face in accessing information and the topics that the site needed to cover from STI's and sexuality to contraceptive methods. Reviewing current websites we worked with the mentors to develop a brand identity for the site from typefaces, characters, background images and the name. The site is currently under construction by a local web developer.

We have been up to more stuff but we are still busy with some of it so keep an eye out for more updates.