Adrienne finally managed to get me blog about South Africa, she's already told you why we were there and so I'll give you my wide eyed newbie perspective on Joburg. Admittedly that will be mainly through a lens, as it gives you a glimpse of the things that caught my magpie eyes.

 Adrienne has already hit you up with one of my favourite pieces of public art, Pigeon Place with its giant origami pigeons, but it was these points of unexpected humour and art that stood out amongst the many beautiful abandoned buildings. 

Joburg is a city where the creatives are taking it back, reclaiming the spaces and challenging the perceptions of what can happen here. The creative people here are beguiling yet cocky, drawing you into debates and unexpected conversations. It is an exciting city to be a part of, a place where you can stand out and make things happen and has a great vibe. Yes, I used that word, you can't help but use it in the context of the city and after a week of hearing people describe the atmosphere of anywhere as a vibe it just seems right.

Most importantly it is a city with incredible independent coffee that helped us survive the long and turbulent flight straight into work mode!  


There were more pictures and there was more that I should have documented but was just having too much fun experiencing the city and chatting to new people. Joburg shouldn't just be the overnight stay before a safari, it is a vibrant city that you won't be able to help but fall in love with and want to return to again and again.