So it would appear all has been quiet on the Frilly front.. but really, we've been pulling out our hair with busy-ness because of a few new developments.

Shortly, we'll be FINALLY moving into our new office premises, which are all of 4 doors down from our current office, but which is bigger and airier, with a nicer view, and fibre optic broadband.  We've got exciting plans for the space, but it's been a long time coming, and we're still not quite ready to fully unveil details.. but it DOES mean that we no longer have our old phone number because, despite massive leaps in technology, it's not possible to move our phone number 4 doors down a street.  Sigh.   So if you need us, EMAIL US - and watch this space for contact detail updates imminently!

yellows and greys - with holes to patch, and edges to neaten

yellows and greys - with holes to patch, and edges to neaten

Other news - we're embarking on an exciting project with The Lace Guild, who are based not far from us in Stourbridge.  We're looking at using exciting new technology in subtle ways with them to enable their collections and their work to reach new audiences across the country.  Kirsty and I are also hoping to pick up some lace making skills along the way, and Simon is extremely excited about making the magical technology work! 

We're still doing work around ZA, and will be revisiting our questions later on this year.  We're also doing lots of work with children and young people this year, some is still secret, and once underway will give us lots of shiny pretty content to blog about.  Hurrah!